Modern living in the center of Brno. Doctor’s offices tailored to your needs.

To live directly in the city center doesn’t mean you have to pay a fortune.

For reasonable prices we rent private and commercial premises in an attractive corner building at 1 Česká Street – on the site of the formerly famous snack bar Sputnik.

The eye-catching building in Art Nouveau style from 1915 was recently completely renovated and now we are renting there:

  • luxury apartments for private individuals
  • tailor made offices for medical specialists
  • representative office space for commercial companies

The basement, ground floor and 1st floor now houses Lindex and H & M stores.

On other floors we are renting modernly furnished apartments, offices and luxury offices for doctors – interiors are prepared exactly as they desire.

  • ideal location in the heart of the main pedestrian zone
  • excellent accessibility by car or public transport
  • possibility of parking in the garage (100 m)
  • tailor-made medical practices from 40 m2
  • luxury apartments and offices from 70 m2

Apartment Furnishingscloseopen

The entrance to your future apartment is literally a few steps away from náměstí Svobody.

Within reconstruction, a complete renovation of all apartment units was carried out. Modern apartments at 1 Česká Street are furnished with:

  • high-quality laminate flooring
  • kitchen counter and appliances
  • washing machine and built-in wardrobe
  • comfortable double bed

The designer kitchen is equipped with hob, oven, fridge and microwave.

In addition, the high standard equipment includes: TV, dining table including chairs, jug kettle and coffee machine.

All lofts are conveniently equipped with air conditioning.

Parking optionscloseopen

Next to the hotel Internacional (on Veselá Street) – or if you desire we can arrange your own parking in the underground garage at 1 Jakubská Street.

History of the housecloseopen

Local natives won’t call this house otherwise than Sputnik.

That was the name of the legendary snack bar where most passers-by would fight off hunger since the end of the 50s.

History of the site at current 1 Česká Street is way richer though:

  • The same plan for block of buildings was meted out in the Middle Ages – the residents used to go there to the spa of Alb Stub.
  • Strict rehabilitation of the buildings surrounding today’s náměstí Svobody in the early 20th century affected a pair of baroque buildings – including the famous Dubský Palace.
  • In 1914 there is at this site a generous First Austrian Insurance Company – designed by the Viennese architect Franz Kraus.
  • In the 30s, the insurance company transforms into the First Republic department store Ander and Sons (ASO) – allegedly, it used to have great success in Brno.
  • On the occasion of the International Engineering Fair the snack bar Sputnik was open on the ground floor in 1959 – later it becomes one of the Brno socialist icons.
  • In the 90s, the corner of the building becomes a pharmacy, later there was the fast food chain KFC.
  • In 2003, the entire building 1 Česká Street was purchased by our company, Magnum.
  • In 2003 – 2004, we carried out complete renovation of the entire building.


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Person in charge of the project

Ilona Chalupová, DiS.


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