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Palác Magnum

Obchodní a kancelářské prostory v centru Brna. Hledáte atraktivní obchodní plochu, moderní...

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Magnum Company

History of Magnum Company

Magnum Company was founded by Ing. Miroslav Vymazal and it was originally engaged in electronics sales. The three-storey building in Vyškov built in 1991 was one of the first private stores in the Czech Republic.

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In following years, the network of stores bearing the Magnum Elektro brand spread up to 28 stores all over Moravia. The full-scale range of electronics was offered by branch stores anywhere from Opava in the north to Břeclav in the south and from Uherské Hradiště in the east to Jihlava in the west of Moravia. The co-privatization of KORYNA Ltd. Company in 1993 expanded the activities of Magnum Company with production of kitchen cabinets. In 1998 Koryna (at that time it was already KORYNA nábytek Inc.) united with another Czech company TON Inc. which produced bent-wood furniture. A year before that, the corporation Magnum Parket was founded; and it was the only company in Czech Republic manufacturing three-ply wooden floors. The high quality of the production plant in Vyškov is awarded by

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The Product of the Year 1999
prize granted by The Association
of Manufacturers and Importers of Flooring

In 2001 the share in Koryna Company was sold and three years later the company sold the production plant Magnum Parket as well. Meanwhile, the Magnum Company became an investor (2002) in MORA MORAVIA Inc. Company with the view of restructuring. It was successfully finished in 2005.

The Magnum Company strategy in new millennium focused on creating modern commercial, residential and office buildings which are mainly concentrated in the “hometown”, in Brno. The first big project was a full-range reconstruction of the building 1 Česká Street which began in 2002. > more information about the present

Magnum in dates

1991 – Magnum is founded
1991 – first store with electronics is opened in Vyškov
90. léta – network of 28 Magnum Elektro stores is created
1993 – co-privatization of Koryna Company Ltd.
1997 – Magnum Parket Inc. is founded
1998 – Koryna Company merges with Ton Inc.
1999 – Product of the Year Award (Magnum Parket)
2002 – joining the company Mora Moravia Inc.
2002 – initiation of the 1st stage of 1 Česká Street project in Brno
2006 – finalization of 1 Jakubská Street building (the company’s headquarters in Brno)
2008 – The Building of the Year of JMK Award for Anenské terasy Residence in Brno
2008 – Honorable mention of JMK for Magnum Palace in Pardubice
2010 – opening of Magnum Palace in Brno

MAGNUM Office, s. r. o.
Jakubská 1
602 00 Brno
Tel.: (+ 420) 544 500 020
Fax: (+ 420) 544 500 015
GSM: (+ 420) 602 507 917